AMA Austin Elects One of Our Own as Chapter Vice President

"Great people who do great things." That's one way our director of brand strategy, Jenn Starr, describes the American Marketing Association. And really, this is the simplest way to put it.

Over the last few months, AMA Austin has become one of Signet's favorite pals, and it all happened when the organization's now vice president, Jenn, joined our team. As a marketer specifically and a coworker generally, Jenn is Top Banana. You probably know the AMA is made up of the industry's highest caliber, so we're very lucky for the opportunity to be a part of this group, exchanging insight with local thought leaders on a regular basis.

At the AMA Austin Marketing Jam (but they're like this all the time)

We had the privilege of sponsoring their last Marketing Jam, and in case the photo doesn't give it away: we loved every minute of it. Confirming "great people who do great things," the AMA goes above and beyond to host events that give back to the community. One of the programs AMA Houston prides itself on is the AMA Gives Back - a program that awards nonprofits with grants to be used toward marketing efforts. Currently, AMA Austin has a new nonprofit project in the works. With a board of directors that's made up of some of the most-respected professionals in the industry, we have no doubt this project will be anything short of genius.

But back to Jenn: She doesn't only bring the AMA to the Signet team; she also brings 15 years of experience to the table. She refers to herself as a hybrid marketer, and that's a pretty accurate description. To give you an idea: Jenn started learning how to code and design 15 years ago, back when most of us were caught up watching Bill Clinton make certain denials regarding "that woman." But as soon as she graduated UT, she began working on her strategy and planning skills because she "knew it would be beneficial, from a company perspective, to have a director of marketing who could also code and design." That's right, y'all. Jenn figured it out before the GP (that's general public) did. So naturally, when we met Jenn at the beginning of the year, we had to snatch her up. Sorry, World.

We know it sounds dangerous, but yes, these two are joining forces. Which means Jenn will make the move to Austin to head our marketing efforts in the capital (!), while also planning happy hours, luncheons, CMO roundtables and much more for the AMA. She even mentioned a "super-secret" event that's in the planning stages, and we wouldn't be surprised if it was her idea. Jenn is that awesome, really. And she feels the same about AMA Austin. When I asked her if she's ready to make Austin her home already, she replied with "I am just really excited to be joining the Austin board. I've made some of the best connections through AMA and these are the kinds of people I want to keep networking with. Also, this chapter has won numerous leadership awards on the national level, and Signet will be a great part of that equation."

Here's to a budding partnership with some of the most exciting people in the industry!

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