Demand Generation: Long-term Relationships Start with Attraction


The world is a cruel landscape of consistent competition. It’s full of riddles and mind games – and uncanny, brutal combat. This ever-battle quite often revolves around the fight for love, and brands know how hard winning the hearts of lads and lasses can really be. Which is why effective marketing campaigns and business process techniques should be implemented, measured, refined and… of course, repeated.

So let’s start at the beginning: do you have kick-A demand generation in place?

Demand Generation Strategies

Demand generation, i.e., getting people interested in and engaged with your brand, is just as important as helping them through the lead nurturing and sales funnels. Textbook demand generation typically applies to just about anything that would create awareness about your brand by casting a “wider net.” From simple campaigns to more block and tackle-style strategies, demand generation is what wins hearts and minds for your brand. And in this game, hearts and minds = retention and growth.

The basic idea is this: brands should focus on creating messages that turn awareness into action or emotion. Good demand generation needs to be directly tied to solid lead generation: continuous delivery of sweet content, solid marketing automation and measurement of KPIs.

But enough with the definitions and forewarnings, it’s example time!

Let’s Talk Burritos

A message, regardless of how impactful it is, can be lost if the demand generation campaign is not well developed to back it up. To improve efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns, businesses need to make sure that alignment between sales and marketing is super-solid – from first glance all the way through the close.

Now about those burritos.

The not-so-fast-food chain, Chipotle, has branded itself on being different for years. They laud the fact that they don’t abide by the same standards as other fast food staples because of their commitment to local farmers. In their first televised TV ad, Chipotle covers their 18-year history and introduces us to a “kinder” brand that allowed people to get to know them and understand what it’s like to be a part of the Chipotle family.

And all of this messaging and campaign was put together in hopes to boost revenue – and it did. The campaign struck an emotional chord with the masses that snowballed into a massive ROI for the Tex-Mex brand. It has since sent stocks surging and created demand for their beloved burritos.

Back to the Start

Follow Through, Follow Through, Follow Through

Making people aware of your brand and starting to win their love is only the first step. Once they have engaged, making sure that you don’t lose them through the courting cycle will be just as important.

Demand generation can play a vital role to attracting new business, or re-establishing relationships, while also making sure that the traffic you are attracting helps better qualify your leads at every stage of the sales cycle. Make sure that when developing demand generation, you’ve thought through the big picture and implemented the right next steps needed to keep prospects interested and in love.

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