Oil & Gas Is a Young Man's Game


There are a lot of harmful old wives’ tales ingrained in the energy industries. Let’s see if we can separate fact from falsehood:

• Fact: No one uses the internet in oil and gas. Sales are made based off of relationships.

• Fact: A tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn post isn’t going to sell anything. Plus, I never use social media so I know my clients don’t.

• Fact: Websites are just for information and for engineers to look at specs. We just went to a trade show and all the engineers took a look at my product in person. I have their business cards. They’ll remember everything…especially since I gave them that brochure to look through.

• Fact: Email marketing doesn’t work in oil and gas. I get hundreds of emails every day and I don’t even look at them.

• Fact: Online advertising…ha! Engineers aren’t looking up new technologies online, and they aren’t searching to see what solutions my competitors might offer.

• Fact: The world has changed and everything above is nonsense.

Millennial Expectations Are O&G’s Reality

The reality is that millennials are now making a lot of the purchasing decisions. Did you notice the ages of those attending OTC? I would say the average age was mid-30s. Moreover, they are seeing holes in your market and are building start-ups to capitalize on them.

“I’ve never seen an industry do what the oil and gas industry has done in the last 10 years.” – T. Boone Pickens

But don’t just take my word. Don’t even take T. Boone’s word. Read more of the story.

Furthermore, how do you think these millennials are going to be making purchasing decisions? Sure, they’ll attend trade shows. Sure, they’ll give you a business card. But, if they’re truly interested in your product or service, where do you think they’ll go to find out more? Your website. What will they expect from your website? They’ll want you to convince them by telling them a complete story.

They want to understand the full range of your product and company, and they don’t want it to take a series of in-person meetings. They’ll want proof of your performance, proof of your safety measures and proof that you’re staying fresh and current in the field. (A stale website hints of a stale company.) They’ll want to see that you actually answer people’s questions on social media. Many of them will be willing to give you their email address, but they expect you to keep them informed with relevant information about your company or the market. Oh, and one more thing: Your website better be able to be easily viewed from their phone or tablet.

Facts tell and stories sell. If your company doesn’t tell a complete story through videos, current content, social media presence, e-newsletters and the like, then your audience will move on. Don’t believe me? I’m one. When I make important purchasing decisions for Signet Interactive, and the company I was told to check out has outdated content, that leads me to believe that they aren’t credible or that something is off within the company. So I move on.

Let Us Prove It to You

Find out more about what we’ve done for oil & gas clients. If you aren’t taking advantage of how millennials are making decisions, get in touch with Signet Interactive.

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