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A surprising number of businesses have no clue how many leads are produced in a given month, let alone if they closed. And that's awful! To increase revenue, it is vital that a business track all incoming leads and record which of those leads did or did not close.

Tracking inbound leads goes beyond a marketing company (like Signet Interactive, ahem) providing you with the number of leads produced in a given month. Sure, we can provide you with the number of form submissions your marketing is generating, but what happens to those leads once they get to you?

If your answer is: "I don't know," you have a serious problem!

Turning Data into Dollars

What if I told you the reason you're not closing your inbound leads isn't because they're not quality leads, but because your team members aren't properly trained to track them? This is a common business process fail.

Good news is, with a little employee training and a daily routine to track all inbound leads, you can turn your marketing dollars into mega-revenue producers.

Signet Interactive has tracking tools in place to make sure we know which source is producing the most leads, but we need your feedback to tell us which leads you're closing the most and what each lead is worth. Once we have that data, we can shift around your marketing dollars and invest in what produces the most ROI.

How to Track Leads

Here are some simple steps to help your team track inbound leads:

  • Create a spreadsheet so you can keep track of them. (Or ask us to make one for you.)
  • Organize the spreadsheet by detailing out all possible sources your leads can come from, including:
    • Organic website leads
    • Organic phone calls
    • Paid website leads
    • Paid phone calls
    • Social media
    • Email marketing
    • Referral sources (If you're paying for Yelp, directory ad placement or forum ad placements, make sure you use a unique call tracking phone number for each referral type.)
    • Print materials (If you're running multiple print campaigns, make sure you have unique landing pages and phone numbers for each campaign, allowing you to track the effectiveness of each.)
  • Train those who answer the phone to track all inbound calls on the spreadsheet. They should ask each caller: "How did you hear about us?" to better qualify the source of the call.
  • Note whether each lead is qualified or unqualified as well as the revenue produced from that lead.
  • Share all of this data with your marketing experts on a monthly basis.

Once we have the lead data from you, our marketing experts will sift through it with a fine tooth comb to determine which online or offline method is performing the best. We will identify best performing and highest revenue producing sources and make recommendations and adjustments to your campaigns to ensure your budget's working for you.


Lead tracking isn't rocket science, but it takes a team of people to collect the information and make sure it's being used properly. Contact Signet Interactive to learn more about how we help businesses generate, track and close inbound leads.

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