Video Marketing Lessons from a Fantasy Football Legend

Photo of Billy Paige Squire

The best digital content marketing - be it video, infographic or blog - is what we call "snackable" content. That is, it's instantaneously appealing, and can be taken in quickly and shared easily.

At the beginning of the 2014 NFL Football season, we launched a campaign for our client Big Play Scoring, creator of a new fantasy football app, using a unique "snackable content" strategy. In just eight short weeks, we have demonstrated remarkable results by focusing on quick & fun video, graphic and social content.

How good you ask? Big Play Scoring gained over 15,000 Facebook likes, over 200,000 YouTube views, and over 30,000 downloads of the grassroots app that started the whole marketing train. So we decided to break it down and go behind the scenes of this exciting campaign.

Billy Paige Squire: A Means to an End

We created a unique character to carry the brand and product message to the masses. Big Play Scoring's star content comes in the form of a questionably good father but endearingly dopey football fanatic, Billy Paige Squire.

By himself, Billy is just a character, albeit a great one. As part of the brand, however, Billy becomes the liaison between a young brand and a massive audience. He tells the story of the app (an easier and quicker way to play fantasy football) in a theatrical way.

Check out the rest of the Big Play Scoring branded videos.

Billy is one part of the Big Play story - the rest of the story is delivered in the satisfying consistency in Big Play Scoring's cross-channel messaging, from video content marketing to social media conversations to in-app graphics.

A Little Bit Here, a Little Bit There

Big Play Scoring combined the "bite-sized" videos with other carefully branded bits of content: email blasts, digital ads, a ton of social media, and good old fashioned PR. Based almost entirely on shareable, snackable content, these efforts worked together to boost brand awareness and app interest.

Post by Big Play Scoring.

Post by Big Play Scoring.

The Takeaway

When you're trying to reach a new consumer audience and trying to get your message out there quickly, focus on thematic "bite-sized" content that can be delivered over a variety of mediums. Keep your message consistent, and use all the advertising resources available to you to get that message out.

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