Using Facebook To Reach Your Audience

It's been a year or so since Facebook started limiting the reach of Page posts, and if you haven't made a change in your strategy to accommodate it since then, we need to talk. Low reach means a very small (and we mean as low as two percent) number of people are seeing your posts, which not only means that you're not visible to your current fans, you're also not reaching a new audience.

Trust us here; like you, we dislike paying to play on Facebook. But our audience is there, so we need to be there too. And if you don't think your audience uses the site, then we really, really need to talk.

Define Your Marketing Goals

Like everything else you do in marketing, you must define your marketing goals first, and then you can start punching your credit card number into Facebook. Do you want more brand awareness? Promoting your page might be your best option. Do you just want an increase in conversation? Consider promoting your posts. Leads? Conversion-tracking ads are probably best for you. App downloads? Why yes, Facebook can do that, too.

The social network actually offers a lot of options, including:

  • post engagement
  • page likes
  • website clicks
  • website conversions
  • app installs
  • app engagement
  • event responses
  • offer claims

Surely, your business goals include increasing at least one of those objectives.

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

The two most beautiful things about Facebook ads? They're pretty cheap, compared to other social media ads, and you can get as specific as you need to with your targeting. You want to put your money toward English-speaking, taco-loving women between the ages of 25-50 who upload way too many photos of their cats? You can do that.

targeted ad results

Told ya so.

You want to target single, 18-year-old men who love The Notebook and mainly use cash as their method of payment? You can do that, too. It's even possible to upload an email list with your contacts and have your money spent on only reaching those people. Facebook's parameters get so exact, one intrepid guy was able to target only his roommate.

Start off by positioning ads toward your desired audience based on their age, gender, location, language, behaviors, connections, interests and narrow things down from there. Be careful with getting a little too specific, though. Be careful on going a little too crazy with targeting though, you could be ruling out an audience that you never knew was interested in you, and potentially make your Facebook ad cost more.

targeted ad results

Content Is Still King

Now, don't go off creating your own ads just yet. You still need to have a stellar Facebook page with matching content. Truth is, if you're not posting compelling content on your page, your target audience is going to lose interest very fast. Make sure your Facebook page has a great foundation of posts and graphics before you start advertising your brand, and then keep that up while simultaneously promoting yourself. Have some questions? Don't have the time for this? You can ask us anything; we're here to help!

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