Why Responsive Websites Are Beneficial to Your Business

responsive websites

Multi-screen world? No kidding. Just look around and you will see countless people (i.e., potential customers) hunched over their smart phones and tablets. And it's safe to say they're hitting the back button any time they land on a website that isn't mobile-responsive.

As consumers, we know how frustrating it can be to look up something using a smartphone and have to stretch the screen or be shown a version that strips away a good portion of the content. As a business owner, the last thing you want is for your customer to encounter your site, discover it isn't mobile responsive, and out of frustration and annoyance, end up instead visiting a competitor's website.

What Is a Responsive Website?

Simply put, a responsive website is a website that "responds" and resizes itself depending on the size and shape of the screen of the device that is accessing it. This is different than creating a separate desktop and mobile-friendly site (each with its own set of codes). With a responsive website, developers and designers put it all together into a single, cost-effective digital package.

responsive websites

Starbucks' website automatically adapts to desktop,
smartphone and tablet devices.

Why Build a Mobile-Friendly Site?

Mobile responsive websites are convenient. Today, there are more people browsing the web from mobile devices than from desktops or laptops. Previous limitations that required mobile and tablet users to pinch and squeeze in order to interact with you are gone, which allows for a richer interactive experience.

Mobile responsive websites are also cost-effective. Even with the tons of different screen resolutions in common use, you only have to design and host one website. There is no need to spend the money to create different sites for mobile or desktops. Also, a responsive site also creates an app-like experience on a customer's mobile device, which enables fast conversions.

Your business will stand out as a leader. Believe it or not, companies across all industries, including retail and travel , are still slow to adopt responsive technology, which means you will have the upper hand when it comes to marketing to and engaging customers. You will certainly stand out from your competitors if you provide a way for customers to quickly and easily access information about your business.

It is sobering when you realize just how quickly and deeply users' attitudes about companies can be shaped by mobile site experiences. Having a well-designed mobile-friendly site is no longer just about making a few more sales. It's become a critical component of building strong brands, nurturing lasting customer relationships and making mobile work for you.

Got questions about responsive and mobile-friendly site design? Contact Signet Interactive. We specialize in creating great websites for businesses like yours.

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