Beer, Wings and Masks: How to Create Great Brand Campaigns

Just before Halloween last week, I assembled The Dream Team (i.e. co-workers and friends) for a night of wings, beer and trivia at Pluckers. After we had settled into our bar stools, we noticed a group of costumed creatures parading around the establishment. Turns out, they were with beer brand Dos Equis and there to hand out swag. All you had to do was take a photo next to one of the models wearing a free mask they supplied, post the photo on Instagram with the tag #XXMasquerade, and boom, you got free wooden chips redeemable at the bar for a round of Dos Equis.

team masquerade shot

A round of drinks on the house. Nothing amazing about that, right? Except for the fact that the week before, I ran into the Dos Equis Masquerade interactive contest on Pandora. To play, you watch this interactive video and choose your own adventure through a masquerade party while trying to find the Most Interesting Man in the World's black book.

It's pretty cool. See for yourself:

team masquerade shot

Elements of Great Brand Campaigns

Not only was the interactive video party cool, it kept me engaged for over two minutes! (Which is rare for a consumer these days!)

As the Dos Equis campaign unfolded at Pluckers, I remembered that online masquerade party, and connected all the dots. So let's break it down: What are the elements of the best brand campaigns?

  1. Consumers actively and willingly engage with the brand. Remember that interactive choose-your-own-adventure video? You can go through it several times and get different outcomes.
  2. The campaign is memorable. In addition to playing the interactive video, I got a free mask and my coworkers got free beer. How can you forget all of that unless you have too much to drink? And if I'm writing about the campaign a week later, it must mean it made an impression on me.
  3. The campaign is both timely and relevant. Wings are the perfect thing to eat at trivia night, and beer, especially free beer, goes really well with wings. Also, people wear costumes on Halloween and attend masquerade parties, which made the free masks a hot commodity.
  4. The exposure is frequent across multiple platforms. This is how all of the interaction points cohered to create a great campaign:
    • First, the interactive video
    • Then the brand-sponsored trivia night
    • Photo with model and mask on consumer's Instagram feed
    • Instagram feed includes a contest explanation, which leads to website with other contestants' masked photos
    • A free mask to remember the night
  5. Every element is aligned with the campaign's tag line. "Things get more interesting when you put on a mask."

This Is What We Do Every Day

As much fun as it is to experience all of this multi-platform craziness as a consumer, as a brand manager, it's even more fun to help create them. At Signet Interactive, we create great brand campaigns that increase the visibility and credibility of our clients. Need proof? Take a look at this award-winning campaign that I helped to create. (And that's just one client!)

Contact us for help with your branding and campaigns across multiple platforms.

Note: That night at Pluckers, The Dream Team came in eighth place out of 32. That's pretty good!

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