Last Minute Holiday Marketing Campaigns: Giddy Up, Let's Go!

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Let's assume you began planning your holiday marketing strategy in August. Okay, forget that. Let's get real, and deal with the fact that the holidays are just around the corner and you probably need some guidance for launching a last-minute, but still effective marketing campaign. No shame in that. One of the hallmarks of our industry is the ability to do creative work fast - and have fun in the process.

So let's all jump on the proverbial sleigh ride to sales. (How's that for creative? Feel free to borrow it if you like!)

One Big Fat Promotion

Think Santa's belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly. When it comes to the holidays, skewing small doesn't cut it. Promotions should all be geared to raising customer awareness of either a product (increasing demand for higher sales) or your brand (creating brand loyalty). Big promotions this time of year are a marketing tradition, and can include the following:

  • Holding a big sale.
  • Sponsoring a charity drive with perks for those who participate (for example, donations to the charity get a discount on products/services).
  • Creating a special blog, social media campaign and/or video series that addresses your customers' holiday needs.
  • Crafting a special, holiday-themed infographic that addresses your customers' needs, your industry or even some crazy topic that will resonate with folks this time of year. (12 really strange Christmas songs we all know by heart!)

Coming up with one big promotion is crucial, but it is only the first step in launching what can be a successful, if last-minute, marketing campaign.

Holiday Marketing Tools

Your next stops on our aforementioned sleigh ride to sales must include:

  1. Goals. Even though the clock is ticking, take time with your team to determine the goals of your seasonal campaign. Those should include web reach, engagement and visits, as well as those all-important leads and conversions (like downloading your holiday infographic or placing an order for a dozen Christmas cookies).
  2. Optimization and SEO. This is where your developers and SEO marketers come in. When it comes to online marketing, that crazy, creative name you have for your campaign won't mean much without the keywords your potential customers typically use to search for the products and services you offer. Make sure the content you are creating for your campaign is optimized for the holidays.
  3. Social Media Strategy. Despite the (admittedly understandable) Grinchy grumbling, Facebook is still an effective tool for reaching your audience, as is Twitter, Google+ and many other social media platforms. Be sure you have a schedule in place for all of your campaign-related social media posts. Don't just send out one tweet and expect engagement without participation, and don't annoy your followers with repetitive and uninteresting holiday posts.
  4. Email Campaign. Like social media, a well-planned email campaign for your big promotion is essential for reaching your audience. Decide the exact target for your holiday promotion. Over the course of your campaign, look at your analytics, especially click-throughs and conversions, and have steps in place to follow up and thank your supporters accordingly.

Tracking Results

As our sleigh ride comes to an end, we should remember the words Charles Dickens would have written had he pursued a career in marketing: "Track your analytics both in real-time and at the end of your holiday campaign. Use the data you gather to adjust and improve your marketing strategy. And next year, when August rolls around, start thinking about Santa."

Merry Christmas

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