Webtrends Analytics: Better Software for Better Reporting

Webtrends Analytics

Make no mistake. The success of your business depends on how accurately you track the online activity of your website’s visitors. Having the right reporting tools in place to measure that activity helps you improve customer engagement, which in turn generates the leads that ultimately increase revenue.

Like most agencies, Signet employed industry-accepted tools such as Google Analytics for reporting. However, we recognized there were “gaps” in the data and decided to search for more robust analytics tools. In the interest of providing the most accurate and comprehensive data to our clients, we recently announced our partnership with Webtrends, the industry leader in web traffic analytics. And we think you’ll be happy we did.

What Are Analytics?

Analytics refers to the information gathered from a systematic analysis of data and statistics. Signet’s Brand Managers and Strategists review this data to reveal new and existing relationships between your business’s marketing channels (such as websites, social media accounts and email campaigns) in order to provide a “big picture” view of what is motivating or frustrating your customers as they travel through your specific customer journey (i.e. point of entry to point of transaction).

When it comes to online analytics, Google Analytics has traditionally dominated the reporting playing field as the primary supplier and go-to source of information for customer behavior patterns and how websites and ad campaigns are performing. While Google Analytics definitely has its perks as a free reporting tool, it also has several limitations. Because of these limitations, the data businesses rely on for that “big picture” view is inaccurate and misleading. This could lead to assessments that include “false positives,” strategies based on “false negatives” or recommendations based on information not readily visible. We wanted more. Our clients’ success depends on it.

The Benefits of Webtrends Analytics

Remember, the purpose of your website is multi-faceted: it can sit there like a print ad in the Yellow Pages or provide an opportunity for visitors to research and purchase your products and services. That’s exactly the kind of activity you need to monitor in order to keep your business growing. But if your analytics tools are giving you inaccurate or inflated numbers, you have no way to measure the real success of your marketing efforts. Webtrends remedies this by providing much more detailed and accurate data plus insights into that data through their campaign and channel-tracking interface.

Some of the reasons why Webtrends provides more accurate reporting than Google Analytics include:

  • Webtrends doesn’t count page refreshes as a page view
  • Webtrends doesn’t count scrolling while images are loading as an additional page view
  • Double clicking is not counted as two page views
  • By default, Webtrends does not count bots or spiders crawling your site as page views

Other client-friendly features of Webtrends include a customizable dashboard that shows your website right alongside your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Imagine, no more logging onto four or more accounts to view all of your analytics. We can now create your own personalized Webtrends report to show only the key information you wish to see and provide access direct to your team members.

And let’s not forget Webtrends Heatmaps which, using a variety of color filters, provide real-time visualizations to illustrate visitor activity on a website. Heatmaps can be used to track visitor activity, on both desktop and mobile websites, within minutes of a campaign launch or over an extended period of time with no limitation on the number of domains or pages.

Analytic Expertise

We know data and are here to help. If you want to know more about Webtrends and how to take advantage of all of this great data, then contact our analytics experts here at Signet. We offer an in-depth understanding of Webtrends analytics as well as proven marketing and advertising techniques to help you achieve successful online and offline campaigns your business demands.

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