Don’t Tell Me You’re Different – Show Me: A Case Study in Creative Trade Show Marketing


If you have been in marketing long enough, you’ve had a few curve balls thrown at you. In March of this year, Signet engaged with a new client who had a clear and present priority – a trade show in three weeks! Yep, three weeks. The question quickly became, “How do we execute this event in a way that will really excite and engage prospects at this show?” And, what we came up with was a unique, never-before-executed, buzz-generating success!

The challenge might seem overwhelming for some but, at Signet, we love an opportunity to showcase our creative problem-solving skills. With such strict time limitations, limited knowledge of the client and the industry, it was going to be extremely difficult to create an ultimate experience for the exhibit spectators to match the principles that Dialyspa, our client, was founded upon.

The goal was simple – increase word-of-mouth awareness of the brand while at the show. The Signeteers immediately went to work and met with the leading team for the tradeshow to gain as much knowledge and insight into the company to then draw up a marketing strategy for the exhibition. Dialyspa prides itself on its philosophy that each patient who walks through its doors is like family, and family gets treated differently than a patient. The clinic has a spa-like atmosphere with a spacious environment, comfortable amenities and modernized technology. This differentiator, in a highly competitive industry, is what influenced the Signeteers to create an ultimate experience for the guests at the trade show. They decided to design a mobile virtual reality that would transport the viewer to the actual Dialyspa clinic in Houston.

Our mission – “Don’t just tell attendees how great Dialyspa is. Let’s SHOW them!” Once the Signeteers knew what they wanted to produce for the client, they had to figure out how to make it happen.

Video is quickly becoming the most successful call-to-action marketing strategy for B2B companies. 70% of marketing professionals report video converts better than any other medium.

One of the most successful virtual reality gaming headsets in development is the Oculus Rift DK2. It uses a low-persistence OLED display and low-latency positional head tracking eliminating blur and sickness feeling as the experiencer moves his body. Still being in its early stages and engineered for video gaming, the video production component was still missing from the equation. The V.360 camera has an 800 quad-core processor and high-resolution image quality with a 360° horizontal / 60° vertical viewing angle that would complete the puzzle and allow Signet to design a true ultimate reality.

Using this cutting-edge technology required extensive research and experimentation. A cylindrical recording video was shot on location with the V.360 being positioned on a steady roller and pushed through the building. The camera angle was from a patient’s perspective with nurses and staff walking it through the process that a first-time patient at Dialyspa would experience.

New video-editing software was added to the Signet deck to marry the Oculus Rift with the V.360. Once the Signeteer development and production crews creatively combined the software from the video footage with the gaming hardware, the ultimate experience was born.

Alongside this creative development, the branding and operations teams were diligently working to create new aesthetics and collateral materials for the tradeshow booth. The team designed the visual look of the booth to complement the Dialyspa branding and managed the logistics of the transportation of all materials for the two-day trade show.

New technology was applied to the marketing strategy and developed for this specific client, creating an exceptional booth that differentiated Dialyspa from its competitors and resulting in high traffic and more prospective customers. It was, not only an exciting campaign, but was yet another shining example of how Signet truly believes in what is “possible”.

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