Plastic Surgery and Social Media: Why It Works


Doctors and a patient

Whether you’re marketing plastic surgery or some other niche in the healthcare industry, you’ll need a multi-layered approach; but one of the simplest (yet often overlooked) tactics is social media.

When polled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), around half of the respondents…

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New Media Boosts Plastic Surgery Marketing


Signet Interactive playbook

In 2013, more than $12 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures. People are investing in their appearance—so what are you doing to attract those people to your practice? Let’s nip/tuck to the point and look at how new media and digital advertising plays a role in the success of your practice.

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Oil and Gas Credibility: You Talk the Talk. Do You Walk the Walk?



In today’s oil and gas industry, when it comes to services and safety, it’s not enough to talk the talk; a company must show its potential clients, vendors and independent investors, as well as the communities where it builds and operates its rigs, that it walks the walk.


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