Brand Loyalty As Exceptional As Man Thighs

Sky's out, thighs out. If you've heard of the radical shorts company known as Chubbies, you've heard this mantra before. If you haven't, look them up. They're nothing short of amazing (pun probably intended).

There are a lot of reasons Chubbies currently reigns over other rookie brands, and the best part of these reasons is that they're as relevant to traditional businesses like banks, hotels and law firms as they are to swim trunks.

The Far and Wide Reach of Chubbies

Chubbies has turned men's shorts wearers into a rabid following. This brand has nearly 1 million followers on Facebook, a legion of user-generated images on Instagram and some pretty influential fans. Even George W. Bush owns a pair of "Merica Chubbies" - the same ones this shorts company sold 10,000 of in one day. Even more impressive: they made 80s shorts a thing. They're like the Colbert of shorts. So ridiculous, they're hilarious. So outrageous, they're genuine. So tacky, they're trendy.

This photo may or may not be photoshopped. (Credit: Adam Komar)

And that is due in no small part to their marketing. They've managed to build this cult-like following that even had me jumping on the bandwagon. My experience went a little something like this:

  • Day 1: Discovered Chubbies, pasted their hilarious content to my friends, signed up for their newsletter.
  • Day 2: Forwarded the first email from Chubbies to those who cared, and to those who didn't.
  • Day 5: Asked my boyfriend if he would like a pair, told him he didn't have a choice.
  • Day 7: Ordered my first pair of Chubbies, tweeted about this purchase.
  • Day 12: My package arrived; I am amused... and officially obsessed.

This, my friends, is great customer experience. Chubbies promised to be great and then delivered on that promise.

And contrary to popular belief, this successful, engaging marketing doesn't have to be limited to retail companies that claim to hate pants. Any brand can connect with brand advocates; regardless of the industry they're in. So how can your company's marketing strategy be just as successful as a shorts company's?

Do Something Different

Take Simple, for instance. This startup bank was recently acquired by BBVA for $117 million. Why the success? With Simple, everything is done via mobile app or desktop, and they tell you how much money you have in real-time, making it very hard to overdraft. Basically, Simple has taken old-fashioned banking methods and thrown them out the window, making themselves a big hit among a young demographic, despite the "boring" industry they're in.

Commit to Your Brand

Despite their questionable logo, AirBnB is a perfect example of this. Their brand is focused around community and transparency, all while breaking a few conventions. Their digital properties, from website to social, are consistent with their beliefs. And their marketing strategies to help are certainly more than a little unconventional. AirBnB curated their listings into content, and developed neighborhood guides to increase engagement. Plus, the founder, Brian Chesky, uses it religiously. Commitment all around!

What we're saying here is this: in order to build a brand that does amazing things, you take risks and stand by your message. And whether that message is "War Against Cargo Shorts" or providing better oil and gas decisions, with enough commitment and authenticity, you're going to connect with some people that will become real brand advocates who will love your company and spread its message no matter what. So, throw out the old-fashioned beliefs and let your flags fly. Sky's out, Signet's out.

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