Celebrating Women's History Month: Meet Ashley Mathis

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Recent studies have made it clear that digital industry has a gender disparity problem. Men make up an overwhelming 60-70% of employees at giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo, with few women, if any, in executive positions. With women across the globe earning 77% of what their male counterparts earn, it’s evident that gender discrimination and inequality in the workplace is real, and needs to be “disrupted” (to use one of those wonderful buzzwords you hear in marketing.)

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we’d like to introduce you another inspirational woman expanding the role of women in marketing, digital technology, and entrepreneurship. Ashley Mathis is Signet Interactive’s account director and one of its founders. As Signet’s account director and lead brand manager, she manages and works directly with a variety of clients, and helps to train Signet’s brand and project managers.

Chris Becker: How did Signet Interactive (founded in 2011) get started?

Ashley Mathis: Ryan Mathis, Kristin Lanphier and I worked at a kitchen table for about two months before we moved into this office building. I did the project management, Kristin did the content, and Ryan did the design and development. We worked together previously and decided our different interests would really complement each other and provide solutions for our clients. We knew we could do more than a run-of-the-mill SEO, PPC company.

Your clients love you. What’s your secret?

Communication is key. I try to be personable with my clients and joke with them, just so things aren’t so serious all of the time. I try to find common interests to discuss, not just marketing.

It’s Women’s History Month. Who are some women you have looked to for inspiration or role modeling?

My mom. She worked full-time at the same company for 30 years. She started at the bottom and worked all the way up to become the director of the company’s tax department. That she could juggle so many things, including having a child, while continuing to grow and excel in her career, is inspirational to me. It makes me want to work harder, because I know what is possible.

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