Just having a website isn't enough anymore. As a company, you already know how to engage customers using traditional tools like media, print, promotions, and even cold calling. We take that knowledge and help you apply it to the new tools of interactive media, such as social platforms, online advertising, and mobile branding. With new media and new tools, we work with you to develop an Interactive Marketing Playbook, which is the starting point of creating a holistic message across your online, offline, and traditional media efforts - meaning everything to obtain optimal convergence.

With so many different online channels, social platforms, and website expansion possibilities, it can be challenging for a business to know where, when, and how to post content, not to mention WHAT. It is imperative that your target prospects hear a consistent message across all content, media, and offers that resonates with your own unique and familiar voice.

Velociti Program

We collaborate with our clients to set this strategy and build their unique Interactive Marketing Playbook based on business needs, competitive research, customer experience, and market realities.

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Signet Interactive consists of brainstormers, writers, videographers, designers, developers, and publishers that strategize compelling, relevant content for our clients. As part of the Interactive Marketing Playbook, we build a 12-month Editorial Calendar that outlines the structure, direction, and cadence of your message to include social media, online, and offline channel communications. We create a unique, customized strategy to increase engagement and convergence through defining monthly topics and themes that are in line with your business objectives and dictating the frequency and relevancy of content updates.

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