(HOUSTON) - Oct 5, 2015- — Signet Interactive, an outsourced marketing and business process firm based in Houston, was awarded three W3 awards by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), which  demonstrates Signet’s long-term commitment to providing its global customer base with unparalleled  visual ideation and marketing support, and advertising campaigns. These awards, which according to AIVA “honors superior creativity on the web and recognizes the individuals behind award winning web sites, web advertising and web video”, highlight Signet’s valuable contribution to helping businesses achieve the highest level of prospect to customer lifecycle engagement.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the great work we are doing and continuing to showcase,” said Signet Interactive chief strategy officer, Chris Mulgrew. “The team is continuously seeking ways to leverage the new tools of engagement to drive the success of our clients.”

Signet Interactive received gold in two categories, Website – Energy, Integrated Campaign - Games and Gaming, and silver for Website – Manufacturing. “Signet continues to set the standard in Houston for innovation and creativity,” said Jeff James, chief creative officer. “Each award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and talent of our Signeteers. We are excited to work with such strong brands who trust us to be part executing on their vision”

For the Website – Energy category, Signet Interactive won based on exceptional responsive design that propelled EnsiteUSA as a leader in the oil and natural gas industry. Through a website designed to respond to both desktop and mobile devices, Signet Interactive used large visuals that resonated with the target audience, as well as a minimal layout for an easy-to-navigate user experience designed to convey the brand story to multiple audiences.

In the Integrated Campaign – Games and Gaming category, Signet Interactive won for a cross-promotional branding and marketing campaign for Big Play Scoring, a fantasy football app launched for the 2014 NFL season. The campaign was called “The Fantasy Football Upgrade”, and Signet Interactive developed the website, established social media presence, implemented media relations efforts and created a humorous, fictional character called Billy Paige Squire, who humanized the brand and highlighted the app’s features via series of YouTube videos, which were shared across Big Play Scoring’s various online channels.

For the category Website – Manufacturing, Signet Interactive worked with NBM Metals, a leading USA manufacturer of bronze, brass and copper alloys, to develop a responsive website that spoke to its unique clientele and addressed their specific needs along the Customer Journey. In order to engage more visitors to request product quotes, Signet improved the company’s website navigation and usability by designing and developing a new, responsive website that focused on streamlining access to product information via both desktop and mobile audiences, and by incorporating easier “request a quote”  functionality and better established conversion points for products throughout the site.

About Signet Interactive, LLC

Signet Interactive was established in 2011 as a full-service outsourced marketing and business process firm that bridges the interactive, social and traditional mediums. Signet's services include strategy and message consulting combined with integrated channel communications and branding to achieve marketing and sales convergence. Signet's proprietary marketing systems, The VeloCiti Program and The OptiCiti Program, help clients get control of their online and offline messaging by focusing on website and other content publishing in order to maintain relevancy in the major search engines. For information on Signet, visit signetinteractive.com.