Got an interest in Internet marketing? A propensity for organization and structure? A general liking of all things advertising? Signet Interactive is looking for Brand Managers to be a part of its growing team. The Brand Manager is the critical point-person for client relations from understanding their marketing needs and to what campaigns deliver the most growth and drive sales.

Brand Managers go beyond overseeing the details of client campaigns. They are responsible for all communication and interaction between the client and creative and development teams. They maintain a level of professionalism and are the face of the project team. Individuals must have a thorough understanding of web analytics with the ability to take on time-sensitive tasks and projects.

To apply you should have... (before you come guns-a-blazing)

Candidates will be expected to do the following... (hope you like a challenge)

Project Management

Marketing Planning and Relationship Management

Still think you have what it takes to be one of our fearless Brand Managers? Then apply online today.

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