What's better than drinking out of a regular, old glass?

Drinking out of a unique, limited edition, super amazing Signet pint glass - with our favorite marketing truisms to boot. Inspired during a happy hour while discussing how we could do a little something special for our clients (and kick off the New Year - oh hey, 2014!), we created these custom and delightful pints to keep life "glassy." Our latest campaign to collect all 8 of these mug-alicious pints - originally for clients only - has now been extended to you, dear friends and colleagues. At least while supplies last!


Ask and you shall receive... as long as you play by the rules:

  1. Catch one of your favorite Signeteers at one of our upcoming events and mention the pint glasses, in casual conversation of course. We'll be announcing some dates and times of where we'll be soon. (Hint: One of us will be speaking in Austin - stay connected on social to get our whereabouts.)
  2. Interested in our services? We are interested in you! Request some info and we'll be happy to talk to you more about how we can help your business gain visibility, credibility and relevancy - pint glasses tend to be brought along on these visits of shaking hands.

Drinking at your desk has never been more fun.