Oil & Gas

An international energy project management company needed to reestablish its brand identity and sales messaging following a merger.

  1. Need

    A leading international oil and gas company that specializes in project management, engineering and construction management needed to establish a concise brand identity to follow a merger and in anticipation of another acquisition. The company's branding was inconsistent after the merger; in particular, the sales team was not on the same page as the new messaging, which created both internal and external confusion. To facilitate greater alignment and attract new talent, our client needed to establish a stable brand identity and a clear message for its services.
  2. What we created

    Signet created a visually compelling website with a streamlined informational architecture that clearly communicates the company's story, culture and services; highlights significant projects; promotes recruitment; and fully acquaints the sales team with the company's services. The rebuilt website included a blog and strong social media presence to attract potential partners and employees. Videos and iPad apps were developed for use during tradeshows to increase offline and online engagement. Following the company's most recent acquisition, a second, matching site was built to provide information specific to Canadian operations and to attract new talent for that region.
  3. What we learned

    The case reconfirmed our belief that in order to retain customers, attract talent and generate revenue, a company must sync its marketing, recruiting and sales messaging and this is especially important for a company with multiple domestic and international locations. Additionally, a consistent voice and vision through social media inspires follower loyalty, nurtures interaction and conveys thought leadership.
  4. Results

    The launch of the websites generated 41 leads and 240 contact form submissions. LinkedIn follower numbers increased by 50 percent over a six-month period and established the company as an industry thought leader. A solid brand identity, with a consistent visual look and feel, not only helped ease the merger of two separate companies but greatly assisted field sales.


National legal staffing company required custom strategy and solution to increase inbound leads and effective follow up.

  1. Need

    A well-known legal staffing company attending LegalTech (the top legal conference for law firms and legal departments to improve law practice management) wanted to showcase their rebranding, create awareness about the company and new office locations, enhance the recognition for their ability to help clients with litigation readiness and legal business solutions, and look for a more effective solution for lead capture and follow up.
  2. What we created

    A unique, interactive custom iPad application that captured and stored lead information for easy accessibility by client, as well as allowed individuals to enter to win prizes and learn about the company and leadership team. In conjunction, a SMS marketing campaign was integrated with the app to further provide updates and promotions to prospective leads during the conference.
  3. What we learned

    The app improved efficiency processes for lead capture and post-conference follow up. By creating and implementing an interactive platform, we were able to enhance communication before, during, and after the conference for the client to encompass quick, efficient follow up to the leads captured.
  4. Results

    Better success rate of lead capture at the conference and more efficient follow up communication post-conference. Post-conference communication using the app source included an email campaign with higher open rates that enhanced the client's awareness of their brand, service offerings, and provided a leveraged advantage over competition at the conference.


Family owned and operated auto repair shop required custom strategy around branding and online marketing for both pre- and post- Grand Opening.

  1. Need

    A new automotive repair shop required an entire online branding and marketing presence in order to effectively increase awareness and promote their business upon opening. Post opening, client needed a strategy to continue business drive outside of traditional marketing requirements.
  2. What we created

    A comprehensive online branding and marketing campaign that encompassed the voice and vision of the client while positioning a holistic approach for online and offline offers, including highlighting key initiatives important to auto repair inquiries and the prospect user base.

    Additional development of a unique mobile presence and local search capabilities distinctly enhanced clients' search initiates and functionality for prospective customers.

    Ongoing strategy and development to continue market efforts, including a pre-opening and post-opening of the auto repair shop for continued relevancy.
  3. What we learned

    Reinforcing and encouraging prospects through dual pre- and post-store opening strategies help acquire new customers.

    Continual communication touchpoints and engagement efforts increase loyalty and retention of customers.
  4. Results

    Successful 'Grand Opening' of auto repair shop that has delivered excellent online reviews on the appropriately set up outlets. Overall increase in online visibility allowing further brand awareness and service offerings that have increased in store sales and customer retention.

Health & Wellness

A pain management group required a custom strategy around marketing its various service offerings to new customers in an increasingly competitive field.

  1. Need

    A 7-year-old, Houston-based pain management group wanted to turn quality leads into new patients using a completely transparent and measurable method of online marketing. Additionally, client wanted to be able to differentiate its most profitable service offerings from their other offerings in order to increase and decrease budget according to potential patients' needs. Lastly, client wanted to see a 'substantial uptick' in quality leads over the duration of only two months since previous strategies-specifically pay-per-click ads (PPC)-had proven less than successful.
  2. What we created

    A highly organized PPC campaign based on thorough competitive research that provided insight into what key phrases to bid on and how to structure the account for maximum performance in terms of lead generation and budget control.

    Additional on-site optimization, landing page customization and multiple on-page form creation made our PPC strategy more effective, as search engines reward advertisers who follow best practices that are often overlooked, but all the more conducive to the success of search engine marketing (SEM) in general.

    Currently, there is no software that blends PPC campaign management and optimization with the completion of on-site best practices. That's where we come in. At Signet, we understand that without both, the client might as well just throw money into a bottomless bucket.
  3. What we learned

    To substantially increase quality leads within a limited amount of time, thorough competitive research and planning in terms of campaign structure was a good start. The client's previous 'set it and forget it' approach did not glean them results. We introduced continual on-site and PPC campaign optimization coupled with landing page testing and multiple on-page form creation. This approach was crucial to capture the attention of both the search engines and potential customers' or in this case, new patients.

    Lastly, in terms of transparency and providing measurable data from which to draw strategic conclusions, ensuring that all tracking code was in place on all platforms is a must. Otherwise data can become convoluted, inaccurate and just plain confusing, making calculating ROI nearly impossible. At Signet, we understand the importance of doing a campaign, like this, right the first time. We value your dollar as our own, and we know that every dollar counts!
  4. Results

    Conversions, or quality leads, increased 367%, and cost per conversion decreased 79% month-over-month (< 60 days). Client was extremely pleased with PPC performance and transparency they requested our help with other time-sensitive online marketing efforts, knowing that they could trust us to deliver in a pinch.


A local health center needed help influencing the community and reaching seasonal social engagement goals.

  1. Need

    As a well-known healthcare center was aiming to unite Houston’s local business community around a central cause and fundraising using nothing more than social media and word of mouth.
  2. What We Created

    A unique toy-drive, holiday party event for top local businesses and artists. Participants were invited by social media and email marketing. They were asked to bring a toy donation as part of admission or purchase a gift via a predetermined list on Amazon. Guests were encouraged to promote their engagement with the event’s social media and website.
  3. What We Learned

    By pulling together the right people and uniting them around the right cause, we were able to amplify the support of the healthcare center’s supporters with thousands of tweets and points of engagement. By tapping into the best of what our community has to offer, we increased the awareness of the organization through word-of-mouth marketing efforts and social media outreach.
  4. Results

    We engaged over 36 vendors, 12 sponsors and over 30 volunteers using donated resources and products to create an exciting, community-organized event. Attendance exceeded our goals with over 400 guests and donations reaching over 500 toys for the children. The healthcare center received amazing gifts for deserving kids and the Signet team came away with a renewed appreciation for the power and the strength of a connected community.

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