(HOUSTON) - April 1, 2016Signet Interactive, a leading, full-service marketing and business process firm, announced today that its consulting business in the business intelligence segment is purchasing the assets of CryoGen Management (CGM), including certain other deep-temperature intellectual property and technology assets focused on cryonic industrial solutions. Signet’s acquisition of CGM advances its mission of revolutionizing the way the world engages with creative campaigns, digital marketing and business intelligence.

By combining Signet’s content creation services and ubiquitous clients with CGM’s cryo-pod technologies, state-of-the-art cryonic preservation systems, and in-hibernation skill-set-optimization services, Signet will be well positioned to deliver solutions that can transform the future of engaging experiences by extending the career span of the world’s most brilliant marketing and advertising executives. Signet plans to offer this premium service on a trial basis for long-standing clients that includes plans for a LinkedIn status update service to be developed in the coming year.

"This acquisition opens up new marketing opportunities through these distinctive techniques of deep-freezing and ancillary services,” said Chris Mulgrew, chief strategy officer of Signet Interactive. “Over the past four years, we have come to realize that our clients’ biggest challenge is time. We believe cryostasis can provide a unique differentiator affording marketing professionals the opportunity to be preserved at cryogenic temperatures as they wait for perfect market conditions for advertising campaigns, budget approvals and even social media return on investment. At that point, we can just revive and restore them to full health – in some cases actually doubling their budgets that they did not spend while in cryo-sleep.”

CGM offers premier cryostasis services including careful preparation, cooling and long-term patient care in liquid nitrogen. Post-cryonic suspension services include unified messaging, family support, continued learning education programming and market monitoring for cryonic revival based upon a pre-determined set of carefully selected patient parameters and conditions. The combination of the two companies will increase the value Signet delivers to customers over time by removing the sensitivity of time from the marketing equation.

“ROI now stands for ‘Return on Immortality,’” said Jeff James, chief creative officer of Signet Interactive. “With this acquisition, we will harness the power of ‘thaw-and-go’ services to make the next generation of solutions not only attainable, but part of the savvy marketer’s strategy. Marketing-to-sales alignment is about planning, resources and knowing when your target market will be ready to receive and engage with your brand and messaging. The acquisition will couple Signet’s award-winning services with CGM’s expanding use of cryonics to deal with real revenue conditions that today’s professionals and key stakeholders consider beyond rescue, but that have a very high probability of being addressable and reversible by tomorrow's budgetary considerations, board approvals or big data insights.”

In addition, CGM delivers a uniquely flexible and rapid system of emergency patient care based on universally available national network of Revenue Grief Counselors (RGCs) who help identify and guide clients through the service onboarding. This means that in the very critical and early stages of “Results Anxiety” or annual budget breakdown, “Sales Funnel Defection Syndrome,” a common C-suite affliction, can be quickly diagnosed. As a result, clients across industries can now rely on secure, scalable and cryo-sleep solutions to help better manage executive expectations over time.

For more information, clients and media are encouraged to visit www.cryogenmanagement.com, which will be used by Signet and CGM to disclose information about the services and comply with any state or federal disclosure regulations.

About CryoGen Management

CryoGen Management (CGM) is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality manufacturing, lifetime customer support, cyro-sleep technologies and fair pricing. We instill our family values in each aspect of our company and want our employees, vendors and customers to feel like a part of our CGM family. CGM’s mission is “To be there when you wake up!” Our company enhances tools and equipment for critical cryostasis services. We develop a competitive advantage for marketing, sales and C-suite professionals seeking to extend their budgets, continuing education and career span. For further information on CryoGen Management, visit www.cryogenmanagement.com

About Signet Interactive

Signet Interactive was established in 2011 as a full-service marketing and business process firm that bridges the interactive, social and traditional mediums. Signet's services include strategy and message consulting combined with integrated channel communications and branding to achieve marketing and sales convergence. For more information about Signet, visit SignetInteractive.com.