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Video is one of humanity’s most engaging communication tools. So it’s a rather obvious fit for any company looking to boost their visibility and engage even more with their desired audience. In fact, a recent report showed that using the word “Video” in an email subject line boosts open rates 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.

Why Videos Work

Video is the most-consumed content online. There isn’t some sort of magical, mystical reason behind why audiences respond so well to it. Occam’s Razor is in effect here: people simply enjoy having multiple senses engaged at once, and the emotional responses these senses provoke. That’s it. It’s the exact reason why film and television have endured as art forms, and why 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Syndacast Report 2015).

So naturally, it makes sense that brands can and do benefit from video – just think of the “I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” cliché. Or how you probably still remember commercial jingles and catchphrases from your childhood.

And look at the recent success of Nikon including Kordale and Kaleb Lewis, two stereotype-busting dads from Atlanta who challenge unfortunate societal perceptions about race and sexuality in their “I Am Generation Image” campaign. This particular video succeeded because of the thoughtful response it inspired in viewers. It was provocative to some, and welcome representation for traditionally marginalized demographics to others.

Grab an Idea and Get Started

If you’re looking to expand your marketing repertoire into video, don’t try to make viral happen. Unless you enjoy coming off as a desperate try-too-hard brand, anyway.

All of your time, energy and resources should go toward crafting an original, compelling final product. Try to keep your video to 30-90 seconds – the optimal viewing for time for sharing. Viewers can figure out pretty quickly what is and is not designed to pull numbers rather than pique curiosity. Cynicism and calculation yield very little in terms of establishing your brand as one worth engaging. In the long run, you should place your investment in the qualitative rather than the quantitative. Nikon is a good example of how the latter can directly invoke the former.

Luckily, creating videos these days is a far easier undertaking than it was even five years ago. Even tight budgets have plenty of free and low-cost tools available to help them get started:

  • Most smartphones and tablets these days have native video apps, or more professional-looking options for only $10 or less. While not the first feature-length film shot entirely on an iPhone, Tangerine received critical praise at this year’s Sundance. There’s no reason you can’t record your own commercial.
  • Both Vine and Instagram use native apps to create and upload super short films (photos, too, in the latter’s case).
  • YouTube and Vimeo allow you to upload, edit and track the metrics of your videos (much longer ones than Vine or Instagram, by the way), and remain the two most popular outlets for sharing the medium.
  • Powtoon makes for a great alternative to video if you prefer animation.
  • Animoto functions as a sort of digital media collage or slideshow with video, text and photos.

Friendly reminder: If you plan to embed your video on your website or in an ad, be kind and don’t autoplay. Disrupting your intended audience only serves to turn them off of your brand.

Our Story So Far

Signet has started expanding its offerings into video, including the following:

  • Our Animoto about Signet's company culture
  • Big Play Scoring's client campaign
  • Stewart Cadillac's YouTube channel
  • Our Vimeo series about independent media

Once again, the simplest solution is the best solution. Video should be an experience that conjures up an emotion (or cluster of emotions), then asks the audience to channel those feelings somewhere.

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